West Side Story @ Overture Center in Madison, WI

West Side Story @ Overture Center in Madison, WI

My wife and I enjoyed a night on the town celebrating our anniversary. We had dinner at Fresco’s on top of the Overture Center followed by a show; West Side Story. Nice dinner, good show, great company.


Surface Pro…the Demand isn’t THAT Great

Okay, Microsoft. Your long-awaited Surface Pro finally goes on sale, yet it really isn’t available. For the 128GB model (which is really just over 80GB) cannot be found anywhere. Now tell me, is the demand for this product THAT great OR does your supply chain suck? I would venture the latter…get it together Microsoft.



When is Spring?

After moving from Phoenix to Wisconsin, my family and I are going on month 8 of being cooped up in a house (between Phoenix summers and WI winters). We are projecting ourselves to Spring and hoping for a few nice days in the coming weeks. To influence nature, we are going to purchase bicycles so we can quickly get into a Spring frame of mind. C’mon sun! We are ready!!!



Doing nothing might be the riskiest move we make. Well said..

TED Blog

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Al Gore posits an intriguing question in his newest book, on shelves tomorrow, January 29: can we change the future? But this book isn’t about peering into a crystal ball.  In The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, Gore — who’s spoken at TED multiple times — breaks down the factors that are changing our world at an unprecedented pace, leaving many of us feeling something akin to temporal whiplash. As Gore outlines, these forces are: ever-increasing economic globalization, the development of a “global mind” via instant communication, a global balance of power with multiple centers, an economic compass pointing toward unsustainable growth, [ted_talkteaser id=243]revolutions in the field of genomics and biotech, and a disruption of the relationship between people and the earth’s ecosystems.

“What do you think about when you hear the phrase ‘the future?’ Is it a hopeful place? Is it a little scary? Does…

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Sprint: Why We Left You

Becky NEEDED a new phone. Her HTC Android something or other had a cracked screen, lost the back cover and had a battery life of about 8 minutes. This wasn’t about getting an iPhone 4s or the latest and greatest. She needed a new phone. 

I drove to the Sprint store and was under the guise that I was going to get her a phone for Christmas. Her contract was up in May, but could get an upgrade March 1. She had 80 days left. Sprint wouldn’t budge on the upgrade date. I either had to cancel or purchase a phone at full price at around $800. I won’t go into details about the conversation with Sprint because it didn’t end well and I obtained a phone number to the customer service line. 

After speaking with customer service they said I could cancel and the Early Termination Fee would be $50. Not $200, $300 or $350…only $50. I told them we were canceling so I was quickly sent to the retention team. They offered to upgrade 14 days early on February 14th. Not good enough for the $50 dollar cancellation fee. 

After canceling, I looked across the street and found Verizon. Long story short here…we got a new iPhone 4s in White. 

Becky was a Sprint customer for about 9 years. Probably paid $80 a month. Bought a new phone every couple of years. In total, shelled out approximately $9k. Sprint let her go as a customer for .5% of that cost and now her husband is writing about it online. 

Sprint could and should have done more. They put a bunch of restrictions on early upgrades right before the iPhone was released through Sprint. Why? They didn’t want people buying a product with their service plans? That was brilliant!