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Review: UP24 by Jawbone

Here is a brief review of a product I purchased on Memorial Day and returned today (6 days later); UP24 by Jawbone. In all fairness to the device, I did not integrate any external apps to the UP app such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper or IFTTT. An integration with those supporting apps may have changed my perspective.

I needed a kick in the pants. I was feeling sluggish with the start of summer and all the BBQ dinners and accompanying beer(s). I experimented with the Nike Fuelband in the early days and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment it gave, so I did my research and found FitBit and UP24 were the leading fitness bands in the consumer market.

I stopped at the local electronics store and picked up the device. $150+ was a bit steep, but hey…I needed a kick in the pants. Setting up was a real cinch and synced up via bluetooth with my iPhone app immediately. AND I WAS OFF AND STEPPING!

The first day didn’t count because I picked it up mid-day. I was really interested in the sleep monitoring. The first night I set a goal to sleep for 7.5 hours. I went to bed, set it for sleep mode and woke up 7.5 hours later. The device immediately synced up via bluetooth…quite cool. Turns out I sleep lightly 1/2 the night and soundly the other 1/2. In fact, this remained true every night for 6 nights in a row.

Alright, so my sleep pattern seemed consistent, but what about how much I moved around each day. I went to the gym 5 out of 6 days and found when doing so with light cardio I stepped about 12k per day. Only 8k on non-workout days. Okay…big deal.

Okay, okay…this is why I am returning it. I wasn’t motivated. I didn’t really eat any better. I didn’t take EXTRA walks. I still grilled out every night, walked my dog, played with my kids then relaxed for the evening. I figured if I REALLY wanted to shed the extra 5-10 pounds a silly fitness band wasn’t going to help me be consistent. I’m already (and most humans) a creature of habit.

The return process was easy and I used the money to buy a summer pool pass for the family. Now I can concentrate on memories instead of checking my iPhone app several times a day to make sure I’m taking enough steps.

Stay thirsty my friends,



West Side Story @ Overture Center in Madison, WI

West Side Story @ Overture Center in Madison, WI

My wife and I enjoyed a night on the town celebrating our anniversary. We had dinner at Fresco’s on top of the Overture Center followed by a show; West Side Story. Nice dinner, good show, great company.


Surface Pro…the Demand isn’t THAT Great

Okay, Microsoft. Your long-awaited Surface Pro finally goes on sale, yet it really isn’t available. For the 128GB model (which is really just over 80GB) cannot be found anywhere. Now tell me, is the demand for this product THAT great OR does your supply chain suck? I would venture the latter…get it together Microsoft.



When is Spring?

After moving from Phoenix to Wisconsin, my family and I are going on month 8 of being cooped up in a house (between Phoenix summers and WI winters). We are projecting ourselves to Spring and hoping for a few nice days in the coming weeks. To influence nature, we are going to purchase bicycles so we can quickly get into a Spring frame of mind. C’mon sun! We are ready!!!