Time to Plan a Tropical Getaway

We moved from a warm, sunny place (Phoenix, AZ) to a less warm, sunny place (Wisconsin). This is our first winter here and I severely miss the warm sun on my face. I hereby declare an annual trip to a sunny location each year for my wife and I! We will be here in February, 2014!!


Doing nothing might be the riskiest move we make. Well said..

TED Blog

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Al Gore posits an intriguing question in his newest book, on shelves tomorrow, January 29: can we change the future? But this book isn’t about peering into a crystal ball.  In The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, Gore — who’s spoken at TED multiple times — breaks down the factors that are changing our world at an unprecedented pace, leaving many of us feeling something akin to temporal whiplash. As Gore outlines, these forces are: ever-increasing economic globalization, the development of a “global mind” via instant communication, a global balance of power with multiple centers, an economic compass pointing toward unsustainable growth, [ted_talkteaser id=243]revolutions in the field of genomics and biotech, and a disruption of the relationship between people and the earth’s ecosystems.

“What do you think about when you hear the phrase ‘the future?’ Is it a hopeful place? Is it a little scary? Does…

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