More Than the Olympics

The Olympics inspire. Every couple years athletes from around the world get their spotlight to show they are at the top of their respective sport. In the US, we see the sports that appeal to us as a nation (and of course earn the best ratings); gymnastics, basketball, swimming, volleyball and track & field. I wish we were able to witness more Olympic sport diversity, but that opinion can be detailed in a different post.

My kids, 2 & 4, have enjoyed watching segments of the Olympics this year. My wife has engaged their interest and had them use their imagination to dream what they could do one day. Most of the athletes in the games do not win, but I realize that is not what it is all about. Every athlete talks about the journey and how special it is just to be a part of the Olympics. Now I don’t expect my kids to be Olympic athletes…I just want them to dream that they can be.

Aspiration, in some cases, can be just as rewarding as Achieving.




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