Golf: The Tiger Factor

Love him or hate him. He is golf. Tiger Woods was out of the golf scene for over a year. During that span, ratings were low and personally, I barely watched any tournaments. Tiger is not my favorite golfer, but something about him being in contention draws me to watch.

Two weeks ago Tiger won at Jack’s tournament in Ohio. I watched as much as I could. The US Open, Tiger shot himself out of it on Saturday, which made Sunday less interesting. To add to that, he started 4 over after the first 3 holes. Golf just got less interesting.

Granted, CBS, NBC, ESPN and the Golf Channel all try to make ‘stories’ out of the other golfers but they prove to be boring. Tiger has a certain draw and it doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him. You have to watch him. At least to say you did.

Here is a video proving why you need to watch;

Tiger chipping in at Memorial




Game Shows and R. Dawson

Remember when were fun to watch? As a kid in the ’80s, we had morning entertainment like Card Sharks, Let’s Make a Deal, Press Your Luck, the Newlywed Game and Hollywood Squares. Some of these shows might still be on the air…but really, who cares? The ’80s were that time ‘up tightness’ when we were transitioning from a very ‘open’ interface with the audience/viewers to a more tightly run ship by the networks. There were still the occasional sexual innuendos that made our parents cringe when we asked what it meant.


When I heard the news of Richard Dawson passing, I immediately thought about the guy that would kiss (and I mean kiss) every, relatively good-looking, woman on Family Feud. Richard Dawson was my favorite Family Feud host, but I always thinking there is something strange with his greeting. The kiss would last just a little too long and since it was Family Feud it would be in front of a husband, dad or brother. PURE ENTERTAINMENT! Richard Dawson was obviously more than a ‘hand-sy’ game show host. He was a genuine good person. Nothing displays that more than the clip here. Good message to go along with it too.

Richard Dawson Farewell

Here is a funny clip I found with Richard losing it during a show taping.

Family Feud – Funny Clip