The Lottery: Imagination is Worth the $10

We (Becky and I) bought $10 worth of lottery tickets. As most sites have posted, we have a better chance of being bit by a shark, attacked by a vending machine or struck by lightning. My personal favorite is I am 52 million times more likely to pick a perfect NCAA bracket than win the jackpot.

We might not win, but just playing and imagining all the things you COULD do is worth the $10 to me.

I started to think, why does it take a large jackpot to have my mind consider all the possibilities good fortune could bring. I am going to continue to think successful, positive and forward-thinking thoughts even after the lottery. Being in the right frame of mind can bring more to life than money (although cash would be nice).

Money won’t bring guaranteed happiness…I know that. Positive thoughts, a rich imagination and the belief that anything can be accomplished WILL bring guaranteed happiness. There is a 1 in 1 chance of that happening.

Good luck to all lottery players out there!




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