Kony 2012 – Social Movement

I watched the video. I was moved by the story. I was also moved by the way it was done.

The Kony 2012 story is a sad one; an individual, Joseph Kony, is cruel, heartless person stealing children, placing them into his army to advocate for brutality against humanity. I don’t want this for my world, nor my children’s world. If you haven’t already, I urge you to Kony 2012 to better understand the story. You can form your own opinion and act however you feel appropriate to the situation. I just want to do my part by sharing. Brought to you by the activist group, Invisible Children.

Now, the sharing aspect of this video is what really captured my attention. Since its release on 3/6/12, the video has been viewed over 65 million times. The story has captured the thoughts and actions of many young (and old) Americans. The video is aiming for a ‘blanket’ approach to make Joseph Kony famous on the night of April 20th, 2012. To do so, the Invisible Children are making an ‘Action Kit’ available for sale as well as monthly donations.

I’m undecided whether I will contribute financially to this movement, but I am contributing socially. I find it amazing how Facebook, Twitter and other sites, like WordPress, bring down borders and make the world a ‘community’. The Kony 2012 movement could be a framework for how people “get things done” in this world. I’ll be watching through the appropriate channels by Following and Liking the Invisible Children social media pages.

Here’s to starting a movement…and believing it can happen.




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