Book Review: The Dragon’s Tooth by N.D. Wilson

I listen to NPR on my way home from work. During All Things Considered, NPR reviewed the book The Dragon’s Tooth and had the author speak to the premise and characters briefly. I was intrigued about the adventure story but what caught my attention was its setting; Wisconsin. I am proud to be from Wisconsin and decided to pay the $9.99 for the e-book.

The Plot:

The story revolves around 3 teenagers, the Smiths, whom are reeling after losing their father while their mother lay in a coma state. Their possession resides in a run down hotel; The Archer. These kids turn out to have a link to an enchanted and bizarre town in Wisconsin; Ashtown, only entered through a series of tunnels and pathways. The Smith kids, minus 1, are brought to Ashtown via the lawyer of their godfather who gave them a set of keys before he died in a fiery death. The keys purpose are unknown until more details are revealed from members of the Order of Brennan in Ashtown. To claim their godfather’s assets the Smith kids must pass a series of skill tests that are well outside a common teenager skills; flying an airplane as one of the skills.

The Characters:

The Smith kids are well written and their relationships amongst one another are well understood. It is easy to become wrapped up into what their future will be. Daniel the oldest does not play a big part in the book as he was ‘captured’ before entering Ashtown. Antigone, the middle girl, plays a mother type role to Cyrus the youngest boy.

My Recommendation:

I’ll be honest, I was expecting more from this book. I understand this is the first of likely a series of books but the first half of the book was slow moving and once the story entered the mythical land it was not described well enough to fall in love with the setting. Some of the supporting characters were not supported with background information which made them seem insignificant to the plot. My confidence is not entirely lost on this series, but I’ll need to be blown away by the potential of the second story before committing more of my time.




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