A Political View: Ron Paul

Is anyone else sick of the government?

Wait for it…yes, you probably are. I have opinions about a lot of subjects (just ask Becky) but politics are something I stay away from for two reasons; (1) I have never voted for a President and (2) I don’t do a great job educating myself on candidates. Let’s dive into each and then I’ll explain some of my thought process on the upcoming presidential election.

(1) I’ve felt my one vote was meaningless in the grand scheme of the presidential election process. This thinking is of course wrong…I’m here to admit that. I still understand my upcoming vote is still only worth 1, but blogs like this posted to Twitter and Facebook could result in 1+ for a prospective candidate. That is quite powerful.

(2) I am just beginning to learn about Ron Paul as a presidential candidate thanks to Friends on Facebook for posting links and articles. I read almost all of these and am becoming more and more passionate after each one.

Personally, I think the media and other government officials are afraid of Ron Paul. These groups of powerful individuals don’t want to become exposed for the corrupt people they truly are. The media (CNN, Fox News, etc.) dictates our viewpoints based on what they broadcast. Thank goodness for social media outlets for bringing ‘other’ issues and views of the truth to the forefront. Sifting through all of the information can become quite confusing and can distort the truth. You need to be comfortable with whom you believe to keep any kind of sanity.

As it stands today, I’m going to back Ron Paul in the upcoming presidential election because I believe he brings the right perspective to government and United States’ appropriate approach to global policies.

If you are pissed now in any way at the government and their antics, don’t fool yourself and just FLOP back over to Romney and put up with this crap again for another 4 years. Take a stand, be heard…Vote for Ron Paul.




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