Sprint: Why We Left You

Becky NEEDED a new phone. Her HTC Android something or other had a cracked screen, lost the back cover and had a battery life of about 8 minutes. This wasn’t about getting an iPhone 4s or the latest and greatest. She needed a new phone. 

I drove to the Sprint store and was under the guise that I was going to get her a phone for Christmas. Her contract was up in May, but could get an upgrade March 1. She had 80 days left. Sprint wouldn’t budge on the upgrade date. I either had to cancel or purchase a phone at full price at around $800. I won’t go into details about the conversation with Sprint because it didn’t end well and I obtained a phone number to the customer service line. 

After speaking with customer service they said I could cancel and the Early Termination Fee would be $50. Not $200, $300 or $350…only $50. I told them we were canceling so I was quickly sent to the retention team. They offered to upgrade 14 days early on February 14th. Not good enough for the $50 dollar cancellation fee. 

After canceling, I looked across the street and found Verizon. Long story short here…we got a new iPhone 4s in White. 

Becky was a Sprint customer for about 9 years. Probably paid $80 a month. Bought a new phone every couple of years. In total, shelled out approximately $9k. Sprint let her go as a customer for .5% of that cost and now her husband is writing about it online. 

Sprint could and should have done more. They put a bunch of restrictions on early upgrades right before the iPhone was released through Sprint. Why? They didn’t want people buying a product with their service plans? That was brilliant!




One thought on “Sprint: Why We Left You

  1. Derek I do the same thing. If I go someplace and get terrible service, I will blast it to everyone and try to do my part to ruin them. I do that with restaurants and bars all the time. I have walked out of a restaurant before and with a huge crowd of people out front tell them what terrible service we got and that they should go someplace else. I have seen many people walk away from a place because I do that. Just like in your instance here, it is typically something stupid and cheap that causes the problem. One time that I am referring to was when we ate at The American Grill. Its a nice place with decent food. They asked if we wanted water. Yes. Well they charged us for 3 bottles at $7 a bottle for it. It wasnt expensive but I had no idea they were going to charge for it. Nor would I have gone through 3 bottles of it. When I pointed out they didnt say there was a charge for the water, the MANAGER said well then you should have asked. I’ve never gone back and never will.

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