PED: Ryan Braun. The Hero.

Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewer. Failed the PED test. Results exceeded 4:1 testosterone levels. Normal is 1:1. Braun is appealing the results. Isn’t it already too late? Doubt is now in EVERYONE’S mind…and doubts do not leave after an appeal.

I don’t want to believe he took performance enhancing drugs. I want to believe he has enough respect for the game of baseball and his very loyal Brewers fans to not do something like this. This news and topic won’t go away. Sure, Brewers fans love him and will forgive whether he took PEDs or not. That is just the type of fans we are. But things won’t be the same…

Braun will lose his swagger. He has a split second decisions to make at the plate. Now, PEDs are part of those thoughts. I hope this whole thing blows over and he is innocent, the testing was inaccurate and his MVP title will not be tarnished. History and reality tell me different.

I’m a disappointed Brewers fan tonight. I had a baseball hero. Only time will tell if that has changed.




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