Music Review: the Head and the Heart – iTunes Session

I am not an official music reviewer. I just like music that I like. My taste isn’t the same as others.

I opened iTunes a few days ago and came across this image as a Featured Album.


I had been exposed to the Head and the Heart months earlier through the magic of Pandora. I figured to give it a try as I had some money left on an iTunes gift card ($6.99 for the album).

The Head and the Heart are a band formed in Seattle in 2009 and came together over a period of about 6 months through an open mic venue. The harmonies provided by the two front lead vocals (Josiah and Jonathan) coupled with a strong voice from the only female in the group (Charity) sound as if they have been singing together for decades. They each know exactly when to come into a verse producing a sound that pierces your music-loving nerves. Percussion (Tyler), keyboard (Kenny) and bassist (Chris) round out the sound to create a folk-like rhythm similar to a cross between Crosby, Stills and Nash coupled with Coldplay, Jack Johnson and a touch of the Doors.

Lost in My Mind kicks off this album with an upbeat tune that captures your interest from the beginning. Again, the harmonies by the vocals is something you must hear to experience and the keyboardist (Kenny) plays chords which are Beatle-esque. The song sets the tone for the album and is likely considered the band’s first ‘hit’.

River and Roads starts off as a lonely ballad sung by Jonathan viewing change as something that is happening to him versus for him. He sees rivers and roads as the things separating him from happiness. The sound delivers a nice harmony and then about halfway through Charity delivers a few lyrics that allow you to instantly fall in love with her voice and demand for more.

Down in the Valley begins to round out the album with a melody like something I would find on a Semisonic record but includes poetic verses you might come across in The Doors music as you try to interpret meaning. To me, the song refers to a simpler time where life kind of happens but you don’t need to pay much attention to it. As if it will always be there…

I am the Head and the Heart’s newest fan. The harmonies, poetic lyrics, raw sound and talent of the members make me impatient for their next album. I hope they continue delivering this type of indie-rock music and not change based on popularity…because popularity is coming.

YouTube video:

the Head and the Heart: Lost in My Mind




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