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Disney does it right…

Vacations are always nice. They are a time to get away from the normal daily routine and step into an environment, city and frankly…another reality. This holds true none more so than Disneyland. We entered the world of Disney on Friday night after Thanksgiving. After a 6 hour drive, we checked into the Hilton and looked out over Disneyland park. I was immediately intrigued.

Now, Disney does it right.

Transportation – There are continuous shuttles going to and from hotels and stops around Anaheim all dropping people off in one centralized spot. Each post is numbered with your route and you never need to wait for more than 15 minutes. I found this a brilliant way to bring people to the park and ensure a consistent method of traffic.

Photography – Disneyland at Christmas time was a tremendous sight to see. Everything was decorated and created great shots for the family. At each well known landmark and staged setting stands a Disney employee

ready to take your picture. At your first photo, they provide a DisneyPhotoPass that is scanned and then each additional shot is added along the way. Viewing all the great photos when you get home from the trip provides another great reminder to how much fun was had by all.

Rides – The lines for “good” rides will always be long so Disney developed a FastPass to coordinate when the line will be shorter and you can walk right on. We didn’t partake in a FastPass and instead stuck with the rides in Fantasyland and ToonTown. We hopped on the train that went around the park as Colton LOVES trains. This was a nice relaxing trip and a great way to see the different stops throughout the park.

Food – Expensive, but not gross. Enough said.

Christmas Parade – The parade route fills up fast as there isn’t much space to sit and watch. We found a good spot at the end of the route at It’s A Small World. Colton and Amelia absolutely loved the parade and seeing all of their favorite characters. Well done.

Fireworks – Leaving a late dinner at Downtown Disney we caught the fireworks as we were leaving the park. The next two nights we enjoyed them from our hotel room overlooking the park. This moment was my favorite part of the trip as the kids peacefully watched the fireworks and expressed how much fun they had all day. Well done, Disney.

Friends – Dave and Kristen invited us to share in their Disney memories and we couldn’t be more thankful for their invite, knowledge of Disney and great company throughout the entire trip. They planned a Character breakfast, knew good places to shop and eat and helped watch the kids when an extra set of eyes were needed. THANK YOU!

So, Disney does it right. They have so much coordinated for you without you even realizing it was done. There were tens of thousands of people at the park, but throughout the trip, I often had the feeling that the park was all ours. Great memories that will last my and Becky’s lifetime…and hopefully the kids too.

Thank you Disney…you did it right.



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