Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is here and gone. I like to reflect a little on Thanksgiving for the wonderful family I have been blessed with. I enjoy every waking day I have to spend with Becky, Colton and Amelia (even Logan most of the time). This holiday season is expected to be crazy as usual because it always goes by faster than anticipated. Again, Becky and I didn’t start our X-mas shopping early because I didn’t get off my ass and take her recommendation.

Tomorrow, we head out to Disneyland to celebrate Amelia’s 2nd birthday and to enjoy some family time before the holiday season. The kids are 2 and 4 so we are hoping they have a blast at the parks. More importantly, I would like them to have this memory as my memory will be of them enjoying the vacation. I am very thankful for the opportunity to create these memories.

We had a blast today spending it with two sets of friends each who we enjoy their company and friendship. Our kids love all of them and the first thing they say in the car is “I had fun!”. We can’t always be with our first families over the holiday, but that doesn’t take away the joy of spending it with our second.

Here are some fun shots from Thanksgiving 2011.





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