Staying Connected Simply

Social media, internet browsing, mobile apps, note taking utilities, exercise/weight loss apps, and so on and so on. We have so much media and information coming our way how are we supposed to consume and absorb any of it so it is worthwhile?
I am in a constant quest to find the “perfect” blend of technology to simplify the many channels of information coming at me. I use Facebook, post things to Twitter that post to my Facebook, and use Blogger to post to Facebook. I track To Do lists in my Reminders checklist app which posts to my iCloud calendar that I use to track personal events and bills which is a direct export from that I track using my iPad and iPhone. Then, I have Evernote that helps me stay organized at work and which I can post articles using Zite to read later which also integrates with Instapaper for Read Later web browsing.
My constant quest is exhausting and it is time I just stop and stay content with my current “setup”. UNTIL, a new, more integrated app comes along that can/will save me 12 seconds of time which I will use to spend time with my family. I think that is what it comes down to…I want to “simplify” my technology space so I can concentrate on quality time with my family.
Another novel concept is to “unplug” from all of it for a while and just let life happen without technology intervention. Would life be more simple?
This post was brought to you by me posting a Blog idea to Evernote that I reviewed and set in Reminders to write which was composed in Blogger. I then Tweeted to have it post to my Facebook page.

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