Packer games…other than at Lambeau

I attended the Packer/Charger game over the weekend in San Diego, CA with my friend from Ripon, WI. The game sent the Packers to 8-0 and the Chargers to a 4-4 record. The game was brilliantly played by Rodgers and the rest of the team but that wasn’t the real story from the weekend. I was most impressed with the Packer fan base and everything they represent. I was proud to be a Wisconsinite throughout the weekend as I met countless Packer fans from Wisconsin and each were friendly, social and proud themselves to be from Wisconsin.

Packer fans certainly travel well too. We found Cheese-heads at the hotel, every bar we found, the airport, grocery store and restaurants. All you had to do was mention what town you were from in Wisconsin and someone knew someone that had a relative or friend from there. I underestimated the folks I met by stating I was from LaCrosse thinking it would be a bigger city than Sparta, but to my surprise, some asked me if I knew anyone from Sparta!! Anyway, for my friends and family in Wisconsin, just know your state was well represented in San Diego through their cheering at the game to their respectful nature with everyone they met. I was truly proud to be from Wisconsin this past weekend.

Here is a picture of me and my friend Justin from the game. I was wearing a garbage bag and he had on a snorkel just in case the rain got really bad.



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